Advent is a time of anticipation. Many look forward to celebrating Christmas with family and friends, others are lonely and wish they had someone to celebrate Christmas with. This is especially difficult this year, and we want to make an extra effort for our friends in the mission field. We ask you to join a fundraiser for our native missionaries in India and Pakistan. The words of Pastor Alphonse (see below) are heartwarming and inspire continued efforts.
It is important that we take good care of each other and do not let social distance become the new normal. Family and friends need to be together and share heart and life, whether we can have big gatherings or not. Invite someone and spend time together. Christmas is not primarily gifts and Christmas trees, although that is good, but a time when we can care about others and show them the goodness of God. We wish you a wonderful Christmas!!

Here is a greeting from Pastor Alphonse from Srikakulam in Andra Pradesh

We in the Restoration churches in the villages have worked every month to reach out to new villages and people who need the gospel. When the corona virus led to lockdown, we have been prevented from going out to these people in public, but when we have church activities, we follow the rules of distance and tell people about God’s love by preaching to them and by distributing food from street to street.

We are so grateful to everyone from Norway who has helped us through this corona period. You have really helped us to help the poorest in our area through this difficult time. Many people and pastors remember you all in their daily prayers and remind God how much you love us both spiritually and financially. Thanks to Restoration Norway and The Family Church and to everyone who has participated!

This is Christmas and time to celebrate the Christmas holiday. It is an ideal time to reach out to people with the love of Jesus Christ. Every year we make “love parties” in the villages from our congregations and distribute food and clothing to the poor and needy, while we proclaim the birth of Jesus Christ and make people happy about the salvation in Jesus.

Many thanks to everyone who wants to help us reach out with food and clothes, there are hundreds waiting out there in need. God bless you abundantly back!

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