Here we are again celebrating Christmas in Norway and all over the world!

Where we live, most people celebrate Christmas! It is a time of the year when we celebrate the great miracle of God, that God became man and came to us through Jesus Christ! Many people know the Christmas message about the child who came and was born in a stable, but do they know Jesus as Savior? The story of Jesus is not just a story, but it is about a person who wants to have fellowship with every single one of us! Through the relationship with Him, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, you will receive all heaven has for you, blessings that God our Father has given us through Jesus Christ.
Our prayer is that you will feel the intimacy and fellowship with Him this Christmas and partake of the peace that the angels proclaimed in the fields of Bethlehem. God’s peace that transcends all understanding! That the peace of heaven will fill your heart and mind! The angels sang of a great joy, a joy to all the people! If there’s something we need this Christmas, it’s joy. God’s joy can take us through difficult times and it is the opposite of depression and discouragement. “In the world you have tribulation,” Jesus said, and there is plenty of that in our days, but true joy is found in salvation and in life the Holy Ghost can give! Let us be filled with this joy this Christmas!
The message of Christmas is the message of love. The angels sang “in men the good pleasure of God”! What does God’s pleasure mean? It is God’s favor and God’s love! Love is the greatest thing we can receive and the greatest thing we can give people this Christmas. At a time when selfishness seems to have taken over humanity, we have love, the love of God, which transcends all understanding! John says, “How can we say we love God whom we can not see, without loving people we can see.” Love is of God and it fills us until we have no room for fear in our lives. We pray that this love will fill you during the Christmas holidays and give your family and friends the best Christmas you have ever had.

Merry Christmas to all our friends in all the mission fields!
Love from Pastor Egon and Maryann Davidsen